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How being a Teen health educator changed me:

How being a Teen health educator changed me:

When I thought of high school, and all the clubs they had to offer, I never thought of becoming a teen health educator. I was never really comfortable talking about sex health so openly, much less to my whole high school! Luckily, I took a chance and joined the Teen Health Educator’s club. The decision ended up being a valuable one. Being a teen health educator these past two years has taught me a lot so far, both in and outside of my personal life. I learned about birth control, STD’s, and even how to say no to my partner when needed. As a teen, this information was really important for me to learn and has really helped me make good choices. In addition to helping me in my personal life, I am also able to help my peers when they don’t know what to do or where to go. So, being a teen health educator has changed me for the better and I hope to continue helping my peers as well!”


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