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Domestic Violence Awareness #purplethursday

On October 22 2015 in Curtis High School my fellow Teen Health Educators and I set up a Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign. What we did was put up a poster in the main lobby to let our fellow classmates and teachers know that on this day they should wear purple for this cause. The campaign turned out to be a success! Many people followed through–it was definitely purpled out! In addition, we also had a table set up in our cafeteria during all the lunch periods. At the table, we had mini surveys for students to fill out with 5 questions to answer.  The questions asked if if they knew where to go for help, if they knew what domestic violence was, and if they knew anyone who has been a victim of domestic violence. In return for doing the survey, they received a little card that had a domestic violence fact on side and a place to go for help on the other side. We had over 300 students come up to our table to do the surveys! The results of the surveys were tallied up and displayed in our school with more information about domestic violence.

This was one of our best campaigns and we got a lot of students involved. Most important of all, I know we helped students by giving out information on where to go and what to do if they were experiencing domestic violence. We made a big impact because by the end of the day most of the student body and teachers in Curtis High School were wearing purple ribbons made by us to support this important day of Domestic Violence Awareness.


– Shanelle
Teen Health Educator
Junior / CHS

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