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Free yourself from Depression with 5 steps!

Freedom from Depression… There is a Way Out

There are many challenges in life that can keep a young person feeling like life is a drag. These emotions often occur during adolescent years when we are going through so many changes and both our bodies and minds are starting to develop in to an adult. Gloominess, loss of interest in things that we once loved, anger, and just feeling like this will never end are some of the things we might feel. These are examples of depression.

But guess what, this happens sometimes and it’s okay. We all go through stages of depression in life. The important thing to do is find a way to get yourself out of feeling this way.

  • Acknowledge and Acceptance– Sometimes it is hard to even admit that we might have a problem and may be depressed.  Depression, that can be a scary word. However, like most things, recognizing there is a problem is the first step to recovery. Once you realize it, change it!
  • Switch it Up– Okay, you have recognized it and accepted it now it is time to conquer it. Changing your normal routine can change your mood and attitude. A simple thing like going for a walk after school or work can make you feel better. Or being proactive and making plans to hang out with family or friends. It is important to be around uplifting people who care about you. Being around positive people can really help change your mind set.
  • Get Out There– Motivate yourself to do things you would never do like join a gym or a new club or sport at school. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. You may be surprised at the new people you meet. And you will be surprised at the many things you can accomplish.
  • This too Shall Pass- Remind yourself that this is only for a season in life. Whatever you are going through will eventually be over. Things can seem bad now but everything has an ending. Nothing lasts forever and the circumstance you are in today may not be the same one month from now. 
  • You are Awesome! – Think about all of your accomplishments up to now. Remind yourself that you are a pretty great person and take pride in your achievements. You deserve a pat on the back. It is great to think about all the great things you have going on. You will be surprised at what you may have accomplished once you really sit back and think about it.
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