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Four proven ways to get rid of stress!

Life is full of ups and downs and stress is a part of life. Sometimes though, stress can be overwhelming!

So what is stress? The Oxford dictionary definition of stress is that it’s “a state of mental or emotional strain and tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances”. To feel stressed out is common and you are not alone. Stress occurs when our nervous system tells the body to release a flood of stress hormones. It’s very normal to feel or be stressed—it’s our body’s reaction to a demanding task.

There are many things that can cause stress—school, friends, work, family, finances, etc. There are also many things you can do to not feel stressed out. As a teenager, most of us are in the midst of taking finals, regents or other exams. I definitely feel the stress and I know a lot of you out there do too.

Here are some of my tips to dealing with stress:

Stop Over Thinking. Take a break and breathe. Find things that require a lot of thoughtless action such as singing, dancing, looking at the stars, reading, and listening to music.

Diet & Sleep. Our eating habits play a huge role in how stressed we are. Are you eating enough and staying healthy? Are you catching enough zzzz’s? Try eating right and drinking more water. Water is not only good for your body when you’re feeling stressed, but really good for you in general. In fact, the human body is 70% water!

Environment. Is your environment toxic? Try to be aware of what you are surrounded by. Environment plays a major role in your mental health. Your environment can include your friends and family, the music you listen to, social media, and a bunch of other things. Sometimes it can be the people closest to you that are the most toxic. This could be a tough situation to deal with but if they are causing you more stress than peace, it might be time to take a break and give yourself space.

Spirituality. Getting in tune with your spirituality helps with your stress level and mental state. Meditating or praying is such an easy way to stay stress free. It’s also free! If meditation or prayer is not for you, try yoga or another form of light exercise that will help you stay calm and stress free.

Remember your life isn’t has hard as you may think it is. Stay positive and good luck on those exams!

Teen Health Educator
Senior / CHS

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