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How much do STD tests cost?

STD testing is free for teens in New York City. They don’t cost not one dime. Even if you don’t have health insurance you can still get the services for free or on a sliding scale (which means it will be really cheap). The tests are also always confidential. No one has to know!

You can get tested in your high school if it has a clinic. New Dorp High School, Port Richmond High School & Curtis High School in Staten Island ALL have student based health centers. If you don’t want to go to your school’s clinic, you can always find a local health clinic (like Teen R.A.P in Staten Island).

STD testing is especially important for teenagers who are sexually active and want to be protected. If you are thinking of becoming sexually active, STD testing is a very important first step. You don’t want to get an infection just because you trusted your partner’s word. ITS FREE, FREE, AND FREE. So why not get tested today? IT’S ALWAYS A SAFE BET!! There are several STD testing centers all over New York City, so find a center today!

Teen Health Educator
Sophomore / CHS

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